We appreciate you may have a number concerns. 

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions, but please contact us with any queries you still have.   

How soon should a puppy be groomed?
As soon as your pup's vaccinations are complete, it is a good idea to book it in for grooming. The earlier a pup experiences the noises and equipment of the salon the better. We want to help him/her enjoy their visits to us.

If I take my dog to a groomer, do I still need to brush/comb it at home?
Yes. Regular grooming promotes healthy skin and coat. Plus, if your dog is matt-free and cooperative at being groomed we can achieve better styling and make it a more enjoyable experience - also you won't be charged extra.

Will I have a say in how my dog will look? Cocker Spaniel with heavy feathering
Naturally - you are the customer. We will advise on conventional breed styling and what might suit a mixed breed dog, but your dog's lifestyle, how much time you have for grooming and your preferences are also an essential element of the styling process.   

So if you like the traditional styling of your breed but your dog's coat is not suitable or you wish us to use less time consuming (and therefore cheaper) ways of achieving a similar smart look we can happily do this.  Many prefer us to remove more coat than might be normal to make it easier to care for your dog.

Please remember that your dog's coat texture, length and condition also influences what can be achieved.  So while we will always endeavour to establish and follow client instructions, there may be times when closer inspection reveals the need for a different approach and compromise.

What happens should my dog be matted?
If we come across the odd knot or two while grooming don't worry we'll easily deal with it as part of the normal process, but when it becomes more extensive it does create issues for both us and the dog. 

Dematting a coat is very time consuming if we are to avoid inflicting pain, so please warn us in advance so we can hopefully arrange more time for grooming your dog and discuss with you a variety of options: 

  • a complete dematt - possibly over more than one session;
  • a partial dematt - where we work to save coat in certain areas and clip off the rest. This allows us to preserve some of the beauty/dignity of your dog yet limit how much additional work your dog is expected to endure (and keep costs down);
  • or a complete clip off.

In all cases the severity of matting, the temperament and health of your dog, its breed/type and possible costs will influence the most appropriate course of action. Plus the assumption that you would not wish your dog to suffer any pain.

Where we feel it necessary, or far kinder, to remove some or all of your dog's coat, we will undertake this work in a sympathetic-manner.

In the case of a complete clip off we will attempt to advise you of this prior to undertaking the work, but if attempts fail we reserve the right to take what we feel is the most appropriate course of action unless you have left explicit instructions not to.

Please note where extra time and materials are required to prepare your dog's coat for the normal grooming, bathing and styling process, then additional charges will be made to reflect this.   

I've been told that my dog should be hand-stripped.
What does this mean?
Welsh Terrier - clipped rather than hand-stripped
On coats of suitable texture, the coarse wire hair or silky guard hairs of certain breeds are traditionally removed by finger and thumb plucking or the use of stripping tools. Removing hair that has detached, and is ready to be replaced with fresh coat, maintains good coat texture and colour and is not painful but is more time consuming than clipping so costs extra and the coat must be suitable.

Does a short haired dog need grooming?
All dogs benefit from regularly grooming, Cairn Terrier
an occasional bath, and nails done, etc.

Can my elderly dog cope with being groomed?
If your dog struggles with grooming we may have to compromise on his finish so we can complete the task as quickly as possible. When required we may also groom in stages to allow rest periods.

Will my dog ever be caged?
To reduce the risk of accidents occurring, your dog may be caged for short periods - we find most dogs readily take to being crated.

Will my dog ever be muzzled?
If a dog hates being groomed/having nails done and tries to bite - for our safety it may be necessary to use a muzzle. But rest assured no dog will ever be left unsupervised with a muzzle on.

My dog is off colour, should I still bring him?
If there is any chance your dog is carrying an infectious disease, please be kind to your dog and others by cancelling your appointment.