Aristoclips help you look after your dog's health

Grooming is an essential part of maintaining the health of your dog's skin and coat. Dogs also feel better when they are well groomed - even if some may not be overly keen on the process itself! Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

Here at Aristoclips we aim to make grooming as enjoyable as possible. Our experience, training, regard to health and safety, use of quality professional products and strict hygiene procedures are just the start.

Grooming is not just a job - as dog lovers we take the care of your dog seriously.   

The grooming process requires us to go over every inch of your dog so we get to know them very well. Our experienced eyes and hands will sometimes alert us to a problem that might need further investigation.

Cairn TerrierFor example changes in your dog's weight since its last visit, areas of tenderness, or the growth/change of any lumps etc.

Sometimes there may be a simple explanation or remedy you could try, other times the recommendation might be to seek veterinary advice. Either way your dog's health will be our top priority.