Where to find us ...

Aristoclips is based at Ardenhill Kennels about 3 miles out of Warwick.

Its drive opens from the B4463, just to the A46 side of the bridge over the M40 - look out for the white Poodle silhouette above the hedge at the drive's entrance. We are the brick house and barn you can see from the entrance.

Our address is: 
Ardenhill Kennels, Hooknell, Norton Lindsey, Nr Warwick CV35 8QU,
but be aware that we are not in Norton Lindsey itself and some stat navs will try to navigate you onto the M40.

Please also note that the A46's new bypass of junction 15 and the new roundabout off which the B4463 comes are not always up-to-date on the web or in stat navs.

If you experience any trouble finding us just ring 01926 499759 or 01926 419425 for further guidance.